The Charities We Work With 

Know of a charity dedicated to helping animals that we should be working with? 


The Change For Animals Foundation is a UK-based non-profit organisation, working to end the dog meat trade in Asia. The Change For Animals Foundation has succeeded in closing multiple dog meat farms and rescuing hundreds of dogs from unfathomable conditions. Committed to changing the way humanity treats animals, the foundation works in partnerships to influence change through communities, organisations, institutions and governments utilising public and celebrity awareness campaigns.


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Humane Society International is one of the most prominent animal welfare organisations globally.  HSI has been instrumental in the fight to end the dog meat trade, working to raise global awareness of the suffering involved in the dog meat trade, the scope of their work extends to training officials to adequately enforce laws against the illegal meat trade. HIS also works closely with local partner groups on the ground to provide veterinary care and shelter for rescued animals.


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The Animal Welfare League of Australia works to provide rescue, shelter, rehoming, foster care, health care and enrichment services to more than 50,000 animals per year in Australia.  With 6 members nationally focusing at state and territory levels, the Animal Welfare League holds a strong national presence allowing them to lobby government for legislation and policy changes to improve life for all living creatures.



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