Tim Berners-Lee would love EMMA


Tim Berners-Lee would love EMMA

“Any enterprise CEO really ought to be able to ask a question that involves connecting data across the organization, be able to run a company effectively, and especially to be able to respond to unexpected events. Most organizations are missing this ability to connect all the data together”

Tim Berners-Lee

Source: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/t/timberners444484.html

Knowledge can be a powerful creator of organisational value and competitive advantage. However, knowledge can only create value when organisations have the right systems in place to use it effectively. Eleos’ Enhanced Metadata Management Application (EMMA) unleashes the power of creation potential of organisational knowledge, breaking down silos and providing a single point of access to all of an organisation’s knowledge regardless of what it is, or how and where it’s stored.

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