“Any enterprise CEO really ought to be able to ask a question that involves connecting data across the organization, be able to run a company effectively, and especially to be able to respond to unexpected events. Most organizations are missing this ability to connect all the data together”

Tim Berners-Lee

Unleash the power of knowledge

Knowledge can be a powerful creator of organisational value and competitive advantage. However, knowledge can only create value when organisations have the right systems in place to use it effectively.
Eleos’ Enhanced Metadata Management Application (EMMA) unleashes the power of creation potential of organisational knowledge, breaking down silos and providing a single point of access to all of an organisation’s knowledge regardless of what it is, or how and where it’s stored.

What is EMMA

EMMA (an Enhanced Metadata Management Application) is a powerful knowledge management solution that connects systems, people and data from across an organisation and beyond, providing a single point of access to all of an organisation’s knowledge, information and data.

By delivering a quick and efficient way to connect and search databases and IT systems, regardless of their function, design or location, EMMA helps to make organisational knowledge more discoverable, improving the accessibility, usability and reusability of organisational knowledge while reducing the time and effort required to locate it.

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Product Features


Never lose a document or file again thanks to the ability to search and browse across multiple systems both internally and externally by subject, author, keyword and many other user-defined categories. Navigate between documents and files or create bespoke collections to make information retrieval simpler and faster.


Connect and access all of an organisation’s systems and databases, regardless of function, design or location. Break down organisational silos to gain an understanding of what is happening across the entire organisation, improving business intelligence, creating opportunities for collaboration and delivering greater efficiencies.


Integrate and extend the capabilities of existing systems using APIs, making the content stored within them discoverable, accessible and usable by other systems. Add new systems quickly and simply to meet evolving organisational needs, while avoiding the need for data transformation or relocation.


Change-proof organisations by recording and recalling tacit knowledge. Connect systems, people and data, creating and maintaining relationships and connections between past and present staff, the projects worked on and the resources created as part of those projects. Join the dots between strategies, projects, outputs and outcomes.

Industry Sectors

Government And Enterprise

  • Knowledge and document management
  • Project management
  • Asset and human resource management
  • Policy/strategic alignment and insight

Compliance And Auditing

  • Identify compliance across multiple, overlapping standards
  • Attach evidence of compliance to standards/requirements
  • Maintain and retrieve records of compliance
  • Track progress/improvements over time

Sales And Support

  • Give sales teams access to all relevant content and collateral
  • Customise collateral to client and prospect needs quickly and simply
  • Access content libraries, CRMs and other systems through a single, customisable, mobile interface.

Case Study


EMMA is very much an enterprise solution, it has an open architecture and is very extendable. EMMA is able to cope with describing almost anything. I could take the system as it is and give it to almost anybody in any organisation and it would be better than what they’re currently using.

Kieran MurphyAgriculture Victoria Knowledge Management Coordinator

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Our Story

Eleos is a Victorian company developing innovative and non-traditional ways of managing organisational knowledge. We started Eleos to help organisations gain better value from their knowledge. Instead of forcing users to think like a database, we wanted to develop an intuitive knowledge management system that’s simple to use, yet powerful and packed with unexpected features.

Christopher Kirk

Christopher Kirk

Founding Director

Chris has more than 30 years’ experience in technology related fields and 15 years in senior management positions with major multinational corporations including Eastman Kodak.

Phillip Guthrie

Phillip Guthrie

Founding Director

Phillip is a former communications consultant with 15 years’ experience in stakeholder engagement, corporate communications and business development.

Rendle Williams

Rendle Williams

Director - Delivery

Rendle has over 30 years as a IT practitioner and business development, across many domains. Rendle is the representing Revium Partner. Revium are the software development and delivery partner of the EMMA suite of products.


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